“Together is a Good Day” is a campaign about freelancing, togetherness and coworking life launched by Bon Jour on the occasion of its crowdfuning.

Mousse was in charge of the creative direction of the campaign. Our mission was to create awareness of the brand Bon Jour and of the coworking lifestyle, in a city (Brussels) where coworking practices seem to be less appealing and the demand is generally still quite low. For the occasion, we decided to focus on Bon Jour internationl community of freelancers, and to uncover their faces through a light-hearted and colorful portrait series – consistent with the Bon Jour overall brand identity.

The portrait series, developed around the concept of “Together is a Good Day” (that is also the translation of the brand name in English), aims at showing how spending the working (and not just working) days together is much better than woking alone from home: besides playful solo portraits – where 28 freelancers mainly play with Bon Jour decor, stationery, working tools and Brussels props – we conceived a series of portraits where one or two hands interact with (and often bother) the freelancer in a very absurd and funny way, creating a semantic contrast with the campaign name.

For this campaign, we took care of:

-campaign naming

-concept, creative direction and styling and photography for the portrait series (120 pictures), used on the website, campaign platform, flyers, posters; an exhibition with a selection of pictures has also been organised in the coworking space.

-concept and creative direction of short campaigning videos, brought to life once againg with the Bon Jour community

Styling: Silvia Galli

Photography: Gaëtan Chekaiban