silvia galli

Born in Milan in 1984, Silvia Galli studies Communication and Marketing in Paris and Milan, where she graduates (110/110) in 2006.

In 2007 she moves to Rome, where she attends a Master in Fashion Journalism and Communication at the Academy of Fashion and Costume in Rome (2008), before specializing in Fashion Studies at the University of Bologna and obtaining her second Master degree in 2011 (110/110 with honors).

In 2006 she starts working in the Press Office and Communication Department of fashion companies (2007, 2012), art galleries and art foundations (2009-2010) based in international cities like Milan, Venice and London.

Passionate about creative direction, unordinary communication, and project design, Silvia Galli evolves her professional profile by attending in all cities she lives different classes of photography, visual design, graphics, illustration, business management, digital marketing and web design. Today she can use all these complementary skills within the projects she manages in different fields.

Since her arrival in Brussels in 2012, Silvia Galli develops her skills along the elaboration of bespoke communication tasks within the creative industry.

In 2013 she starts working on her own and she joins the emerging reality of Studio53. At that moment she founds Silvia Galli Creative Studio, communication studio mainly operating in the creative and digital field.

In September 2015 she launches Bon Jour, coworking, event and training space in Brussels addressed to creatives, entrepreneurs and digital nomads. After 4 years as freelancing communications strategist, in 2017 she founds Mousse, communication and design studio focused on the lifestyle, creative and cultural industry.

Main skills: creative direction, content strategy, copywriting, digital strategy, social media management, project management, visual design, web design, SEO, online pr, graphics, photography, interior design.

Pictures by ©Gaëtan Chekaiban